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Alex and Danny came to us straight from New York with all of their guests. Everyone includes everyone are not from Israel and that is why it was such a unique and intimate wedding. Alex started her getting ready part at a hysterical colorful villa in Binyamina village. The couple didn't have any photo session together because they only met at the "chuppah" ceremony. The ceremony was set in the traditional way including various American-Jewish treats. The celebration took place in an event garden near Caesarea right on the shore called "Al Hayam" and at the end, an after-party was set up for them with tents and a campfire on the beach. At the end we also photographed them by the sea and left them a stunning souvenir. As a wedding photographer who has been photographing for many years they left me happy and happy at the end of the must see this one!

Story of:

Alexandra & Danny

Date: 9.9.19 | Venue: al hayam

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