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How can you sum up such a fun and overwhelming wedding as Daniela and Eliav's? Navy commanders who met at their military service who are each very dominant in real life. Those who wear military uniforms but also those who will not give up celebration and joy in civilian life. Also got married...On a venue on the Jaffa's beach, what else? Daniela, the military commander who is not used to everyday makeup, and Eliav, wherever he is, is the nail of the party. A person whose battery is always charged and always stands out the most with his enormous energy and self-confidence. A couple who love electronic music and a good party. We spent a day full of adventures and good people. My Daniela and Eliav, I wish you a surprising and exciting life just like on your wedding day. May you always love and take care of yourselves there...Gilad.

Story of:

Daniella & Eliav

Date: 01.04.24 | Venue: Bait Al Hayam

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