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During the meeting and the wedding day I pay attention to the couple's dynamic, and Daniela and Shimon's dynamic is really funny. Daniela in a very cute way, yelling at Shimon for whatever reason and somehow it's funny and sweet. It was the same at the wedding day, maybe it's a kind of a way to reset Shimon. At least that's what I thought. I realized at the wedding that Daniela's family has the feminine power over the men. All women hold their husbands by the balls and it's so awesome. Shimon on the other hand, just wanted to get drunk fairly and even waited after the ceremony to do it and he asked us to help him. He drank in such quantities that he ended the event by throwing up in the bathroom. Anyways, we had a lot of fun! Daniela and Shimon, I love you very much and wish you to stay exactly like you are!

Story of:

Daniella & Shimon

Date: 1.7.24 | Venue: Villa Nona

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