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One of the things I like most about my job is that it changes from day to day, some say a man cannot cross the same river twice. The river is constantly moving and changing. The same is true in the field of wedding photography. No wedding is like the previous one. My couples change, the locations, the lighting, the atmosphere. Gili and Eden's wedding stood out especially because they are a very relaxed and fun, modest and pleasant couple. They got married in a Friday afternoon wedding but in cloudy weather, the guests were amazing and the atmosphere was accordingly. On each wedding day, the light can change the entire visibility of the image and thus the look was soft and stunning European in combination with the beautiful event garden and the delicious food. Gili and Eden were so cool and I am very happy to present you their stunning wedding album.

Story of:

Gili & Eden

Date: 23.2.24 | Venue:Beit Meltzet

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