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One of the reasons I will always love my job is the endless variety of wedding styles. Every wedding day is different from the previous one. I can find myself one day at a wedding in the field and another day at a wedding that is in the most fancy hall. And I love them all equally. It doesn't matter to me if we take pictures in nature or in a polished city, I enjoy people more than landscapes. Gili the bride took the whole wedding to perfection and take care of all the beautiful concept from the beginning to the end. She wanted everything to be perfect on this day and so I felt the weight of responsibility for the gorgeous style I had to produce but it only made me even more excited to go to the extreme and so it was. take a look at the beautiful wedding album of Gili and Harel.

Story of:

Gili & Harel

Date: 20.10.22 | Venue: Ha'achuza

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