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Inbal and Inna booked me for their wedding at the hottest date for 2024, about a year in advance. The connection was so immediate that I was really looking forward to shoot this wedding. Every time someone asked me about this date, of course I answered that i'm already taken, but in my heart I was also very happy that they were mine. The day finally came and of course it met all my expectations, I arrived much ahead of time on the wedding day with great anticipation to see them. From the beginning of the day there was an atmosphere of fun and love. They differ from each other in energy but they also complete each other. Inbal is the fire queen and Inna is the ice queen, the combination between them is really exciting. I know they will always be there for each other. I saw it with my own eyes. The event itself was the super fun, but I knew it in advance. Dear girls! wish you lots of good luck! Love, Gilad.

Story of:

Inbal & Inna

Date: 6.6.24 | Venue: White

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