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One of the most creative ways to express myself is through wedding photography. Without paying too much attention, my style changes from wedding to wedding depending on what is happening at that moment, whether it is through the character of the couple, the character of the family and friends, the scenery in the background and the general concept. Undoubtedly, Jenna and Yehiel wedding was one that brought something special out of me. The very fact that they told me that they absolutely trust me and adore my work, I felt that I got a free hand for my creation and that's what gave me to do my art for this lovely couple. The nature of the wedding that brings together cultures, in the Jerusalem atmosphere, the intimate number of guests, the religious atmosphere that was in the background and many other small details made this day very special for me.

Story of:

Jenna & Yehiel

Date: 25.10.22 | Venue: Emile Botta

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