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How is it possible that one cosmopolitan city like Berlin, unites a couple of individual that have known each other for a long time since the country where they grew up - Chile. How exactly is the distance brings people closer? It certainly happened to Jospina and Sofia. Our story started quite by chance at the weekend market in the Friedrichshain neighborhood in Berlin. I sat in the garden with coffee and cake that I ordered from the local small stands, in the background a street singer was playing a romantic song and not far from me I looked at a beautiful couple, who did not hide their butterflies. It took me a long time to muster up the courage to turn to them with an awkward question - would you like me to take couple photos of you around the neighborhood? And from there everything is history. I got to know a beautiful romantic couple who just met not long ago and since then have not left each other alone. It was fun!

Story of:

Josefina & Sofia- Berlin

Date: 6.8.23 | Location- Berlin

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