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Almost every one of my couples says that they don't know how to be around cameras and that they are very shy and that's exactly what I like about each and every one of them!! I always tell them- Be yourself and that's what matters. In the case of Talia and Omri it was really noticeable. Such a beautiful, shy and modest couple, that's exactly what I love! In many cases you can already guess what is going to happen at the event itself by the number of friends accompanying the couple from the early stages of the wedding day...Talia and Omri were surrounded with so many good friends, it felt to me that they wanted to be there for the couple every spare second. It showed me how much they are loved and how pleasant it is to be surrounded by such an environment. And so it was, the dance floor was packed with dozens of young beautiful friends who didn't stop dancing. The venue was full of love at the most beautiful landscape of Tel Aviv over the sea. Talia and Omari, may you have the best amazing life together and I love you very much. Gilad.

Story of:

Talia & Omri

Date: 23.05.24 | Venue: Bait Al Hayam

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