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It's no secret that I visit India once a year and my second home is a small village in the middle of the desert called Pushkar. I always come with a camera, but taking pictures in India for me is something "too easy", as a third world country and a rich culture, I don't find the uniqueness and the point to take pictures of all this, even though I will do it in my unique way. So I'm only looking to do special projects that somehow I come across along the way. That's how I met Tilda and Jan on the roof top of my hotel. While watching Eve tattooing Adam, my magic moment started to happen and I decide to document this special moment between them because what is more beautiful than Tilda tattooing her partner, how much beauty I find in this amazing situation. I immediately ran to get the camera from my room and captures one simple act that for me has a true love in it.

Story of:

Tilda & Jan

Date: 25.01.23 | Location: Pushkar, India

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