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Everybody keep asking me "Gilad- who is going to be your own-wedding photographer?" And I actually couldn't know with who am I going to get married. But then I met my beautiful Tom. Tom and I traveled in India in January 2020 and I had a spontaniouse idea- Shooting ourselves with my own camera- using manual technics and a timer of 10 sec- kind of a selfie but with a help of a professional :) I bought a 5 Euro Indian tripod and we started to cover our own private memories.
I really want to thank Tom for being there for me and helping me to fulfill my idea - Having a perfect album like if I would shoot my own (clients) couples.
And thank you for being my partner for life. I love you!

Story of:

Tom & Me- India

Date: January 2020 | India: Rajasthan, Pushkar, Udipur, Agra

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