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You know you have a successful couple in front of you at the part of the first look. You see how much better they work together than each separately. I noticed a lot of energy that happens when Yuval and Omri are together. They dance the same, they always look in the same direction, smile togrther, they become one and they are much happier together. They won't miss a moment to dance, even if it's in the middle of nowhere. So yes, Yuval and Omri are an unusual couple and therefore produced an unusual and very very well-invested wedding. The isolated venue, in the middle of a huge horse farm, gave the guests the feeling that where magic time begins. From there everything became like one long dream of joy, love, excellent food and lots of dancing. A must see album. Yuval and Omari, I had the pleasure! Love, Gilad.

Story of:

Yuval & Omri

Date: 17.5.24 | Location: Green fields farm

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