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This is how it is when fate brings together couples from different places. With such luck, two souls in the world meet in Berlin, Zehava from Israel and Richu from India. You can't explain it any other way, how on their first date they already knew that this the end of their search and the beginning of a new life together and forever. Since then they don't leave each other alone and are always together. Without getting to know them in depth, during the photoshoot I realized quite quickly how much love and connection there is between them. How connected their souls are and how beautiful they are inside and out. The photographs were taken around Berlin, in their favorite places. For me, the combination of this beautiful story with my personal amazing trip to Berlin was an extraordinary experience that I will remember for a long time.

Story of:

Zehava & Richu- Berlin

Date: 5.8.23 | Location- Berlin

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